Here is how you might remove the route by using the route command (from the net-tools package): route del -net netmask And here is how you might delete the same route using the ip command (from the iproute2 package): ip route del

3 Ways to Modify Windows Route Table to Choose Which 2. Route.exe Change. The route.exe tool that is found in Windows can be used to change the metric of an adapter. This is in fact the same method used by NetRouteView to change the metric and has a restriction of not being able to set any metric number you want, especially lower than the current metric. Article - How-To: Route Print (Windows) Windows has a command-line tool for view the routing table. It is called "route." To view the routing table (this is universal on all recent Windows versions) open a command prompt. The easiest way to do that is to go to Start->Run and type in "cmd" then click "OK." From the command prompt (which will look like this) Type in `route print -4.` How to delete multiple default gateways? - Apr 12, 2011

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Create, change, or delete an Azure route table | Microsoft Delete a route. Go to the Azure portal to manage your route tables. Search for and select Route tables. In the route table list, choose the route table containing the route you want to delete. In the route table menu bar, choose Routes to see the list of routes. Choose the route you want to delete. networking - I used route delete in Windows 7 and

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Fix “Could Not Find This Item” When Deleting in Windows May 11, 2020 Can I "route delete" a specific metric? -