Coincards has been active since 2014 and has served thousands of users by processing millions of dollars in Bitcoin to Gift Card transactions per year. Disclaimer: The merchants represented are not sponsors of Coincards or otherwise affiliated with Coincards. Coin 2.0 Smart Payment Device [SOLD OUT] [SOLD OUT] Coin 2.0 is a secure smart payment device that looks like a credit card, but combines your cards in one - including your credit, debit, gift and even loyalty cards. Coin 2.0 lets you swipe or tap your cards at millions of merchants across the USA. Coin 2.0 - Finally A Smart Card To Slim Your Wallet Jan 12, 2016

Coin shortage: Mint asks for help to deal with coronavirus

Inside Coin's techie vision for the all-in-one credit card. This hardware startup's ambitious device is a .84 mm thin card that stores an unlimited number of payment methods in its dynamic What happened to the Coin card? | TechnoBuffalo Apr 11, 2015

I Waited 19 Months for the Magic Coin Card and It Was a