To ensure, you're pushing the code to the Apple TV, click on the button to the right and make sure Apple TV under Devices is selected, not Apple TV 1080p under tvOS Simulator.

How to Connect the iPad to Your TV Wirelessly or With Cables Connect Your iPad and TV With Apple TV and AirPlay. Apple TV is a great way to connect your iPad … Can you connect iPhone/iPad to Apple TV without WiFi @tcdaly You need a data plan on the device creating the personal hotspot, if you have a phone use that and connect both your wifi ipad and apple tv to that. – unom Mar 31 '16 at 5:32 add a comment | How To Use Netflix Without a Smart TV - Tech Junkie Apr 22, 2020

Alternatively, find out if you can USB Tether (hotspot) your phone to your wifi router to give the home network internet and just use Netflix direct from your Apple TV. Disclaimer: I have absolutely no clue if either of these will work but there is a little logic to them worth testing out.

If you have mobile data but no Wi-Fi, you could easily use the mobile data to fire up your Apple TV. This is a temporary fix, of course, and unless you have unlimited data, you may not want to exhaust your mobile Internet.

Zwift Releases Apple TV App: Everything you need to know

Jul 10, 2018 Airplay or Mirroring without WIFI or inte… - Apple Community Nov 16, 2017 How can I use an Apple TV without an internet connection How can I use an Apple TV without an internet connection? Previous segment Next segment. Episode 992 Pat from San Bernadino, CA. Pat wants to know if he can use an AppleTV without an Internet connection. Leo says that if he doesn't need to stream anything from the internet, he could still use it in Airplay Mode, or connect it to his network and